Creating a Beading Studio, Part 1

To kick off 2012, I’ve decided to work on setting up my beading studio the way I want it! Having a work space that you find comfortable and efficient is incredibly important while designing for long periods of time. For years I’ve been crafting my designs from the couch or floor with all my trays of beads sprawled out around me. So many beads are lost to the couch cushions, hardwood floors and the Bermuda Triangle of the living room, where they are never seen again. But now that I am crafting more frequently and have had enough hunting for lost beads, I am creating my own studio.


My boyfriend, Michael, and I (pictured) have a lovely 2 bedroom condo on the south side of Chicago. Our second bedroom is the “man cave.” We decided a year ago when we moved in together, that we would always want a two bedroom if possible, so that way we could each have some space if we needed it. So I got to decorate our bedroom, while Michael gets to do whatever he wants to the man cave. So with the second bedroom off limits to my beading and lost to gaming, I am creating a studio with what space is available: the dinning room.


So to create my working space, I will be using the dinning room table. We have a large, square, bar height dinning room table with four chairs. While I am working, I will have a textured rubber mat, like a yoga mat, to protect the table top from my tools, as well as stop the occasional run away bead and keep it from getting lost in the Triangle.

For storage space, we are looking for a dresser in good shape with plenty of storage space. In each drawer I will keep my trays of beads, crystals, pearls, and tools. In our dinning room we have a bar, as Michael is a bartender, so we are looking to add a dresser similar to the bar along the adjacent wall to balance out the room even while I am not crafting.


While I am waiting to find the perfect dresser, I have begun the process of re-organizing and expanding my trays for all of my beading. Before I was using a tackle box with two dual layer trays, and in addition had top storage. As my beading collection grew, the tackle box has no longer been able to keep me as organized as I’d like. Some days it can take me up to an hour just to sort out the crystals from each other! Simply too much time has been spent of my life looking for the right shade of bead only to find that I do not have enough to complete the project. Time for change!

Michael’s Craft Store is one of my favorite big chain beading stores. Yesterday while out shopping I managed to find this fantastic organizer set by Creative Objections retailed at $49.95 marked down to $24.99. This set has one large container, which fits 4 other separate containers, each with sub divisions within them. So I eagerly brought it home and today got started on separating out my beading!


Now that 80% of my beading is re-organizing, this will definitely my beading process so much simpler and that much more enjoyable! But there are things that still need to come together to be able to finish the studio. I still need to get more jars for sorting out all of my seed beads and some other beads that I have neglected due to lack of space. I also need to find a mat for the table and most importantly, the dresser. As the studio comes together more and more I will post updates! 🙂

Happy Beading Everyone!

Mandy of NiteDreamerDesigns


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