Up Cycled Bookcase Given New Life

As part of my work on my crafting studio, I decided to part take in a fun little DIY project: create a fun crafting bookcase to house all my goodies. 🙂

Slowly but surely, my new studio is coming together. I’ve been trying to create my crafting space under a pretty tight budget. Michael and I don’t exactly have a lot of spare cash so everything thus far has been done on the cheap.

Prior to taking up taking up this project, my crafting supplies were all over the place. I had cases with supplies stashed in closets, in random bookcases and even stuff on the floor. I hated having everything all over the place. It made for a very unproductive work space. So decided that I needed to find a dresser or bookcase or something to be able to keep all of my stuff together in my studio nice and neat.

To keep on a budget, I decided to have a little fun with a DIY upcycle project using a crappy old bookcase we had hiding in the Man Cave. This bookcase was a white six cubbie hole bookcase from Target I had gotten years ago, along with some canvas drawers. This bookcase was one step away from dumpster material. It was scratched, scuffed and had definitely seen better days.

Now I have little to no painting skills and honestly, painting within a closed condo isn’t exactly a pleasant experience. So I turned to my next favorite crafting supply: Duct Tape. I was so excited when a few months ago I came across zebra Duct Tape at my local Walmart. I instantly bought a roll and have been going on a Duct Taping craze ever since. I’ve used this stuff on everything lately from an old jewelry box to my wallet and now to this bookcase.

To start I picked up 3 new rolls of the zebra duct tape, two had the same pattern and another had a slightly smaller stripe to help break up the patterns a bit. Then I went to town. I worked in stripes along the front of the cubbie first, then working along the top of the dresser and finally down the sides, working with a razor blade making sure all cuts were nice and even. The whole process took about three hours.

Add in some canvas drawers in a fun pink and purple to hide all my goodies. It took longer to find all my supplies from around the apartment and get it organized within the bookcase than to create the bookcase itself! So much stuff and now it’s all in one place! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Happy Beading Everyone!

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