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So! It’s been a good long while since I’ve posted here, I’m such a bad blogger! I’m going to try to be better in the coming months though! Promise!! 🙂

So for the past year and half (give or take a month or two) Michael and I have been renting a foreclosure condo from the association. For a year the association was collecting their back fees from our rent until May when the bank moved to finalize the foreclosure. And WHAT A MESS! If you’ve never been through a foreclosure process it’s craziness! And this wasn’t even OUR foreclosure! It’s like no one talks to anyone else involved. The attorneys would contact us and not the bank or the association, the bank would contact the management company who wouldn’t contact the association, the association would contact us and no one else. It was a mess!

After the bank got control of the unit officially, they offered us a lease renewal. After signing all the paperwork, we come to find a week later that the association has denied the bank the right to rent the unit. Soooooo we have to move, before October 19th. **Freak out**

Now the only thing I hate worse than moving, it’s apartment hunting! We went everywhere trying to find a place that was right for our budget and our lifestyle. UGH! Places that fit our style wouldn’t allow for our dog (a lab-boxer mix) or places that allowed for our dog and lifestyle did not fit the budget. Just craziness. I was terrified we were going to settle for something terrible like our first apartment! (OMG what a nightmare that place was! Do water bugs mean anything to you?! YUCK!)

Thankfully my mom (a real estate agent) found this great place in Lisle, IL  perfect for our budget, lifestyle and pet friendly! This place has a fantastic living space, awesome balcony, a breakfast bar, tennis courts, pool and even a doggie parkway! And did I mention it’s only 15 minutes to work for both of us?! HOME! So Friday’s the moving day!

 Now I’m excited because we’ve decided that we are going to try to create a real studio right off the bat. I must admit, that I spend a great deal of my time looking for new crafting projects on Pinterest. I LOVE that site! One day while I was wasting time- I mean- browsing Pinterest I came across this fantastic crafting table that featured storage option along the sides of the table. I so wanted to do this to our table right that second! But my crafting table also doubles as our dining room table- though honestly it’s the other way around, our dining room table doubles as my crafting table. 😛 We also have four bar height chairs that go with our table. It wasn’t exactly in our best interest to place storage on two sides of the table and lose two of our chairs functionality in the process. So I had to put this idea into the back of my mind and *sigh* with envy at one day having my own table.

So when we started looking for a new place, I was definitely liking the idea of having a breakfast bar in the kitchen/living room to free up our dining table. But it seemed that most places that had a breakfast bar, didn’t have a separate dining area, and thus no room for our table at all. Luckily, this condo we found had one of the kitchen walls modified by the owner to include a granite counter top bar facing into the living room. PERFECT!

So we decided that when we move, we will use two of the chairs at the breakfast bar, which is probably where the two of us will spend most of our time eating, either that or the couch! Then I am going to keep two chairs in the studio at the table. We are also going to be taking the legs and paneling off the underside of the table top and replacing them with two bookcases available at Walmart for $30.00 each.

Then just add some L brackets and support underneath the table top so that it’s for sure not going to fall on me- or the dog or the cats- while I’m working and VOILA! My spiffy new crafting table! I’m so excited that I finally get to do this! I know it won’t happen the moment we move, as we still have lots of settling to do, but I’m super excited to get to work on this project within the next month! Also when we move this weekend we have a few other DIY projects that we are going to be partaking in to save us some money and really make this place feel like ours.

I will be posting some of those projects- success or fail- throughout the next few weeks. Not only will I get to share some of my new home and studio, but I’m also hoping that the need to share some of these DIY’s will get me blogging on a regular basis! 😉 Keeping motivated!! Woot Woot!

Happy Beading Everyone!

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