Getting Settled and Ready to Start DIY Projects!

::::Sigh of relief:::: The move is finally over! But now begins the unpacking process. UGH! I really don’t know which I hate more, packing and moving or unpacking. I always feel like it’s more to unpack than I packed away. Not sure why, obviously it’s the same amount of stuff, it just feels like so much more to put away.

But moving is a chance to start fresh, try new ideas that you’ve wanted to and never got around it, or never thought would work before that suddenly do. This new place is like a fresh canvas and we get to scribble whatever we want on it. It’s fun to think of all the things we’d love to do, especially with my soon-to-be crafting studio.

Tonight, though, we are taking a breather from the unpacking process to have a nice relaxing night. Since moving on Friday, it seems I’ve come down with a nasty little cold. I’ve had a fever, body aches (unsure if these are from the cold or moving or both!) and sneezing like crazy. So packing is the last thing I want to do, though I have spent all day doing just that. So tonight, it’s time to relax, do some mild crafting (I’ve got a few orders that need to be shipped out tomorrow), while the boy plays some games and we watch Pixar movies all night! We’ve already gone through Up, Monster’s INC and now we are watching Wall-E. 🙂
So while we unpack and get settled we are going to be working on a few DIY projects to make our place uniquely OURS. Here’s a small preview of the DIY projects we are planning on tackling in the next couple of weeks, all of which I will share as we create them!

The crafting table

I wrote about our plans for this in my last blog post. We are going to modifying our existing kitchen table to have cabinets along two of the sides so that all of my jewelry supplies and tools may be stored safely along the sides, rather than in a million places, including the floor where our feet find them. OUCH!

DIY Kitchen Chalkboard

Recently we’ve discovered how awesome thrifting can be. We even bought our new couch and distressed vintage coffee table at a thrift store for only $40 combined! So we are going to be keeping an eye out for a fantastic- and slightly gaudy- vintage frame to turn into a chalkboard for our kitchen!

Taking it back to grade school with Elmer’s Glue and Canvas!

We are going to be using an old technique learned in grade school, letting Elmer’s Glue dry in awesome designs over canvas and then spray painting over the entire piece to create cool wall art. In our case, we are going with old school video game characters/designs!

DIY Wine Corkboard

This nifty little project is finally going to put those old wine corks to good use. We have a cute little breakfast bar in new place, so we are going to be creating wine cork boards and cork boards along the side walls of the breakfast bar to give our place some winery flare and also a fun place to pin our Christmas cards!

Along the way, I will be sure to take plenty of pictures so that I can share each DIY project with you all and hopefully inspire some fun crafting projects of your own! I’ll be posting everything on my Pinterest as well! So follow along. 🙂

Happy Beading Everyone!

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