Beader DIY Projects to Make Life Easier!

Began setting up the studio today. There’s still so much work to be done, but at least it’s a start. I can start working again. I only lost a weekend but I feel like I’ve lost weeks worth of work. The weekends are really when I get the majority of my work done, so to miss out on the first weekend of October is just a bummer. But October is still off to a great start. I’m hoping this year will end with a bang! Knock on wood!

I have big plans with room, beside creating my new crafting table. Because this room has no windows, I plan on creating a wall of mirrors along the white wall, using 3 full length mirrors laid horizontally. This will give the room a lot of light reflected from the patio (directly behind me when I took this picture) giving the room more depth and dimension.

Along the slate wall we plan to hang a world map so I can track my sales across the globe with fun push pins. It’s neat being able to reach people thousands of miles away with my tutorials and jewelry. It’s really amazing. 🙂

On the smaller wall across from the slate wall (not pictured) I plan to put the movie posters of my two favorite movies: JAWS and Finding Nemo!

While some of these are easy enough to fulfill, some of the items I need in order to finish my studio have not been moved or unpacked yet. So in the meantime I thought I would work on a couple of quick projects that would make my life as a beader SO MUCH easier! These little easy cheats are something I should have done years ago, but haven’t gotten around to until recently. For those crafters out there that haven’t invested in these two very simple projects, I HIGHLY recommend them.

The first is creating my own bead board. I had a cheap foam board that I had purchased from Michael’s for about $5.00 a few years back. It’s been to hell and back and the sides have been cracking off slowly but surely. I was about ready to give up on it until an old cork board/dry erase board began to crack apart.  So I turned both “broken” pieces into one new nifty piece. (Sorry there’s no pictures of the process here!)Because the sides of the bead board were already cracking off, I cracked the rest of them off. Then using my E6000 glue I glued the base of the bead board to the top of the cork board. I left more of the cork exposed on the right hand side of the board because I’m right handed. Most of my needle work and such is done with my right hand. There’s also plenty of room along the top and bottom of the boards. Once the glue was dried, I cut down some of our packing boxes to support the sides of the bead board that didn’t sit flush against the cork. I used a knife to make sure the cardboard didn’t stick out along the sides. Once these were the exact size I wanted them, I glued the cardboard in place.

This new board allows me to pin threads along the side to keep my pieces taught while working, or gives me a pin cushion for my beading needles while working on a project. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve nearly lost a needle in the couch or table or the floor! I cannot imagine how terrible that would be to find with our feet, or with the pets paws! YIKES!

The second mini project, isn’t really a “project” really, it’s just a little life hack for crafters. 🙂 A beading mat is always a good idea for beaders; it keeps all your stray beads safely on your work surfaces. A requirement for working on a hard surface as beads can bounce away way too easily! I’ve seen these sticky bead mats go for $20, $30, $40 online and in local stores. I always wanted one but never wanted to spend that much money for one! But at the same time I really don’t even want to think of how much money I’ve lost in stray beads! Anyway, I went to my local dollar store and picked up a fun colored yoga mat. I simply folded the mat to the length of my table and VIOLA! Sticky beading mat without the cost! $1.00 spent, hundreds maybe thousands saved!! Nice little life hack 🙂

Happy Beading Everyone!

Mandy of NiteDreamerDesigns


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