Jewelry That Makes a Difference

Whale-shark-enhancedHello Friends! Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s holidays were happy and full of love. Around new years I try to re-evaluate- like everyone else tends to do as well- and around the beginning of the year while I was setting my new business goals for NiteDreamerDesigns is 2013, I came across a photograph that changed my entire game plan.

735611_680159149278_1804332732_oThis photo was of a roof top in Costa Rica covered with hundreds of shark fins, laying out to dry for shark fin soup. For those of you who don’t know me, sharks have been a huge part of my life since I was 4 years old and saw JAWS for the first time. I’m studying biological sciences in college to one day become an elasmobrachologist (shark biologist). When I saw this photo, I was sickened. I remembered how I felt while watching Shark Water, a very controversial documentary made a few years ago. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend checking it out, it will make you think:

268278_245088895507582_126075050742301_1174987_2569274_nThen night I saw this picture I had horrible dreams. I tossed and turned and dreamed of thousands of sharks being dragged on board a ship, tortured and stripped of their fins to be thrown back into the ocean alive to drown. I woke up that Sunday morning with a new model for my business. I researched a few charities and organizations working to stop finning and creating new protected waters for sharks. I found Shark Savers. They are an amazing organization that has been working with Discovery Channel for many years to bring us Shark Week every year. But that’s only a tiny piece of what they do. They’ve been working on several campaigns in Asian markets to put a stop to shark fin soup with their “I’m FINished with Fins” campaign.

il_570xN.365440857_di3dI am proud to announce that 10% of EVERY sale this year will be donated to Shark Savers to promote conservation and ban finning! 🙂 I’m so excited about this. I cannot wait to see how much we can raise this year for these amazing creatures that mean so much to me. I hope that every client will feel pride in wearing their new jewelry, knowing that part of their purchase went to this wonderful charity. Please help join the conservation effort. Visit to become a Shark Saver and check out all the local events you can take part in as well. Every little bit helps!

Happy Beading!


Mandy of NiteDreamerDesigns


Handcrafted Swarovski Jewelry

Jewelry that Makes a Difference



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