I’m a jewelry designer, wine lover, a sucker of anything fuzzy, netflix marathoner. When I’m not working on my craft, I am grad student studying conservation biology with a focus on elasmobranchii. I love sharks and hope to one day work them. My husband, Patrick, and I have two orange kitties Bella and Norman, and a pit/lab mix named Kaylee.

I began making jewelry when I was just 8 years old, making basic chainmaille bracelets. I continued to work with metals, inspired by a punk phase of my life, through high school and college. After which I began working with high quality findings and Swarovski Crystal. It’s not a rare occurrence to find a kitty or two snuggled up on my beading board while I work, and usually the puppy is close to my side snoring the day away. My day just isn’t complete without my fur babies and the boy!

NiteDreamerDesigns came to life in 2006. A friend and business owner invited me to start selling my pieces on consignment in her spa. I had never envisioned selling my pieces before that moment. It was the fire under my butt! After a few years, sadly the spa closed its doors, but I kept on creating. It took a few more years before I landed on Etsy, but eventually I made my way here, and I have been very pleased with the results.



  1. Mandy- Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try to recipe for these homemade soothing shower cakes. I too used to use the store bought variety during cold/ flu season and then, like you said, they weren’t there. So thrilled to have a recipe to try!

    • Karen,
      So glad to help!! I use these all the time during cold/flu season. Miracle disks! I plan on playing around with a few essential oil combinations this year 🙂 I will post some of the results!

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