Spring is in the Air and in Fashion!

Spring time is the best time to reinvent your style with the latest trends and colors. Make sure your jewelry keeps up with the latest trends as well. This year the color pallet created by designers includes turquoise, violet, tan, and coral. I’ve been hard at work to bring you all the perfect colors and styles for spring. Here’s a peak at what I’ve been up to!

The Turquoise


The Emma- Light Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Stretchy Bangle Cuff

– Made with all Swarovski Crystals in Light Turquoise rondelles and opaque matte finish turquoise bicones. These crystals are all woven together along three stretchy bands.





The Carrie- Deep Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Sex in the City Inspired Necklace

-Made with Deep Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Rondelles and sterling silver chain, this necklace is inspired by a piece worn by Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City.


The Violet




The Sophie- Sterling Eiffel Tower Charm and Purple Swarovski Crystal Heart Charm Necklace

-This necklace is perfectly stunning with its sterling silver Eiffel Tower Charm and Swarovski Crystal Heart along a sterling silver chain.






The Amelia- Violet and Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Woven Bangle Bracelet

-Made with Swarovski Crystal Bicones in Violets, Whites and Sapphires to blend together into a perfect color gradient.



The Tans


The Zoey- Turquoise and Chocolate Swarovski Crystal Flower Tennis Bracelet

-Made with Turquoise AB2X and Chocolate Brown Swarovski Crystals accented with metallic copper seed beads.





The Lily- Topaz Swarovski Crystal Flower Ring

-Made with Smoked Topaz AB2X bicones and Topaz rondelles all accented with copper seed beads.




The Coral



The Maddy- Deep Coral and Siam Red Swarovski Crystal Rivoli Ring

-Made with Light Rose, Deep Coral AB2X and Siam Red Swarovski Crystal bicones all wrapped around a crystal Swarovski rivoli.






The Elizabeth- Indian Pink Swarovski Crystal Pillow Top Ring

-Made with Swarovski Crystal Indian Pink bicone crystals and sterling silver rounds.



Make this spring bright and colorful!!

🙂 Mandy


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Custom Jewelry for the Perfect Holiday Gift!

We’ve made it to November-already somehow! If you’re anything like me, you have NO IDEA what you’re going to do for your loved ones this holiday season. I have a couple of ideas for people this year, but no real ideas that have really struck me yet. I try to shop small during the holidays. It’s easy to go to a big box store and get meaningless gifts for everyone on my list in one trip. But it’s never really what I want to do for those I love during the holidays.

Thankfully, there’s Etsy and so many mom and pop stores locally here that I can find items that will really mean something and have a lasting impression for years to come. If you can, try to shop small this holiday season. You’ll be surprised how cost effective shopping small can be and how much of a difference you’ll make in the lives of small businesses/artists when you do. Also, you’ll be giving a gift that is unique and special and actually says “you mean something to me.”

Many Etsy stores take custom order requests. but during the holiday season make sure that you give the artist time to create your piece and get it shipped to you in time. Last season I had a customer contact me on December 23rd and wanted to know if they could get a custom created piece to them before Christmas day! SERIOUSLY?! I try to work with my customers as much as possible, and the holidays are no exception, but it just wasn’t possible! I felt terrible, but there was just no physical way to make that happen.
This year, I am requesting that all custom pieces be placed with me before or on December 1st to guarantee completion and delivery prior to Christmas. I will still take custom orders year round, however I may not be able to have the item to you if an order is placed after the 1st. I try to plan for USPS taking up to 2 weeks for domestic items during the holiday season. I have yet to run into an issue with USPS, however I hear so many horror stories from so many others! I’d rather be safe than sorry! :p

Shop Small! It really means a lot to everyone involved! I accept a number of payment methods including: personal check or money order; credit card payments via Paypal and Etsy Direct Checkout; I am now accepting Etsy Gift Cards as well! Stop by and share the love this season!

Happy Beading Everyone!

Mandy of NiteDreamerDesigns


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The Jessica Collection: Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Floral Bracelet

In between unpacking boxes, I’ve been hard at work on a new collection that I absolutely love and it’s been getting a lot of attention too! Introducing the Jessica!

I began working on this piece as a way to distract myself from how many boxes were still laying around the apartment. :/ It was bumming me out, so I wanted to create something sparkling and fun to wear. I used a beautiful champagne colored Swarovski Crystallized Glass Pearls called Crystal Gold. I’ve had these pearls for sometime now, but never really found the perfect project to use them for. So I saw them sitting there, lonely in their tray, and thought “Why not?!” I also had these stunning crystals by Swarovski that change colors based on the light and what color they are placed next to. I picked these up a while back at a local bead shop, I try to shop small when I can :).

When I started working this piece up, I really had no idea what pattern I was going to be working with, I just cut my thread, added my needles and started working. It was more like the piece was creating itself rather than being created by me. I love those moments! For this piece, I really focused on using a two needle right angle weave. This is one of my favorite techniques, it never goes out of style, and I honestly don’t see ever coming to an end with this stitch. It’s like once I think to myself “I’ve found the last possible use for this stitch” I’m completely proven wrong! And man do I like to be wrong… at least in this case :p

I wore this piece to work the next day, I figured even though I’m in scrubs all day, doesn’t mean I can’t have something pretty. I got so many compliments on it from my patients and from my coworkers. I knew I had to share this piece and the pattern for it as well! So I worked up a second piece using a deep Smoked Gray pearl by Swarovski called Crystal Black. I also found these fantastic light sapphire AB2X crystals to offset the pearl. The color combination is really stunning together, I was really happy with it. Both of these pieces are now available in my Etsy Studio.

While I was working up this second bracelet I took photos of each step and began working on a new tutorial to share. There are two variations of this project, one with the crystals along both sides in between the pearls, and one with seed beads between each pearl. This variation I also have for sale, the Madison, in my Etsy Studio. The tutorial includes both versions of this piece! The tutorial is available now in my Craftsy Patterns Studio.

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do, whether you’re wearing it or crafting it!

Happy Beading Everyone!

Mandy of NiteDreamerDesigns


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