Spring is in the Air and in Fashion!

Spring time is the best time to reinvent your style with the latest trends and colors. Make sure your jewelry keeps up with the latest trends as well. This year the color pallet created by designers includes turquoise, violet, tan, and coral. I’ve been hard at work to bring you all the perfect colors and styles for spring. Here’s a peak at what I’ve been up to!

The Turquoise


The Emma- Light Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Stretchy Bangle Cuff

– Made with all Swarovski Crystals in Light Turquoise rondelles and opaque matte finish turquoise bicones. These crystals are all woven together along three stretchy bands.





The Carrie- Deep Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Sex in the City Inspired Necklace

-Made with Deep Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Rondelles and sterling silver chain, this necklace is inspired by a piece worn by Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City.


The Violet




The Sophie- Sterling Eiffel Tower Charm and Purple Swarovski Crystal Heart Charm Necklace

-This necklace is perfectly stunning with its sterling silver Eiffel Tower Charm and Swarovski Crystal Heart along a sterling silver chain.






The Amelia- Violet and Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Woven Bangle Bracelet

-Made with Swarovski Crystal Bicones in Violets, Whites and Sapphires to blend together into a perfect color gradient.



The Tans


The Zoey- Turquoise and Chocolate Swarovski Crystal Flower Tennis Bracelet

-Made with Turquoise AB2X and Chocolate Brown Swarovski Crystals accented with metallic copper seed beads.





The Lily- Topaz Swarovski Crystal Flower Ring

-Made with Smoked Topaz AB2X bicones and Topaz rondelles all accented with copper seed beads.




The Coral



The Maddy- Deep Coral and Siam Red Swarovski Crystal Rivoli Ring

-Made with Light Rose, Deep Coral AB2X and Siam Red Swarovski Crystal bicones all wrapped around a crystal Swarovski rivoli.






The Elizabeth- Indian Pink Swarovski Crystal Pillow Top Ring

-Made with Swarovski Crystal Indian Pink bicone crystals and sterling silver rounds.



Make this spring bright and colorful!!

🙂 Mandy


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Care Packages!

BkLCSG3CMAAJhSM.jpg largeAs some of you know, I recently moved to a new town in Glendale Heights, IL. I’ve decided to send out some care packages to get to know some of the local businesses in the area and introduce myself and the business. So I’ve been busy putting together some fun spring inspired samples, because we Chicagoans are SO READY for spring! Here’s an example of one of the care packages I’ve put together and will be shipping out this week.What do you guys think? What do you do to connect with people and businesses in your area?

If you know of any businesses that showcase local or independent designers and artists please let me know, I’d be glad to get in contact with them. Or if you run a business and are interested in networking, again, please contact me. I’d love to branch out some more!

Happy shopping everyone!

🙂 Mandy


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Last Chance Before the Abby Goes Back into the Jewelry Box!

Last Chance Before the Abby Goes Back into the Jewelry Box!

This is your last chance to own the Abby Swarovski Crystal and Pearl ring before it returns to the jewelry box 3-30-2014! Hurry before times runs out!


The Lily Flower Crystal Topaz Ring

The Lily Flower Crystal Topaz Ring

Topaz Swarovski Crystal flower ring, the PERFECT spring time accessory. Available at http://www.NiteDreamerDesigns.Etsy.com

Coming Soon! Like Tomorrow!!

I wanted to give you guys a little preview of some of the pieces I will be posting to Etsy here in the next few days. I’m hoping for them all to be posted tomorrow, but the boyfriend and I do have plans that will keep me out of the house for a bit tomorrow so I can’t PROMISE anything! But I will certainly try my best!

ImageMeet the Zoey. This first piece is made with all Swarovski Crystal Elements (like all of my pieces! :p) in Turquoise and Topaz with Copper seed bead accents. I love the color combination for spring. Turquoise is one of my favorite spring/summer colors! This bracelet ends with a dark copper lobster claw clasp and a couple of little crystals dangle off the clasp for a little added cuteness. 🙂

Next up is the Maddy. I love with cute fashion ring for spring. The flower pattern to it makes it the perfect weekend out with the ladies accessory. This sweet heart pink ring is made with Swarovski Crystals in light rose, deep coral and siam red. These bloom around a white rivoli crystal center. The band is made of sterling silver beads on a stretchy band, so it fits perfectly regardless of which finger you want to wear it on! Super cute, super chic, super shiny!


So guys that is a taste of the pieces coming up in the next few days! Be sure to check them all out at http://www.NiteDreamerDesigns.Etsy.com

Happy shopping everyone!

🙂 Mandy


Handcrafted Swarovski Jewelry

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